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Through collaboration we can achieve great things! 


We work extensively with theatres, arts organisations, productions, and leading education and travel companies to create new opportunities for young people to learn, grow and create. 

Why don't you join us?

Looking for something else?


Actors interested in joining our team of theatre practitioners should send us their CV, headshot and covering letter explaining why they wish to join our team, their expertise and experience. We will contact them to arrange a meeting. Applicants must have, or be prepared to have a DBS check completed.


Organisations with other needs should contact us to discuss them. We receive all sorts of wonderful requests, so welcome any discussion on ideas or requirements you may have.

For Venues

Creating a youth theatre programme for your venue can attract new audiences, helping you engage your local community, meet your social impact funding goals, while generating new income and bringing new life to your empty spaces!

As your youth theatre partner, Theatre Workout can create bespoke programmes designed around your audience and venue. 

Theatre Workout has created workshops, courses, events and other bespoke programmes for major West End productions and theatres, for festivals and for leading industry organisations. We have the knowledge, experience and expertise to develop and deliver an outstanding programme for your venue. 


Youth Travel

Tour Operators, Study Abroad Agencies, and other travel and educational bodies are able to enrol students onto our existing courses, or have courses created on request just for their students. 

Theatre Workout is currently working with UK and international organisations to develop bespoke workshops and courses for European, Asian, Middle Eastern and American students visiting the UK, offering both cultural and language learning opportunities through creative programmes. 

Drama training programmes are also being developed for other summer school partners in London and across the UK, including Oxford Royale Academy and Thames Valley Summer Schools. If you want to offer your clients unique theatre experiences, Theatre Workout is your perfect partner!