How will this fund grow?

The Theatre Workout Support Fund is being established through donations, sponsorship and other fundraising activities.


Donations are sought from schools and other groups booking workshops and activities through Theatre Workout, and a share of profits from Theatre Workout Academy courses will be donated to the Theatre Workout Support Fund.

How can I help?

You can donate to the fund and your money will go towards training students who need it.


You can also sponsor Theatre Workout and Theatre Workout Academy to help grow our company, raise awareness and champion our cause.

How will money be spent?

Your donations and sponsorship will help is invest in the growth of Theatre Workout Academy and of the Theatre Workout Support Fund simultaneously.


The more courses we run, and the larger our student body, the more profits we can invest into the expansion of the Theatre Workout Support Fund and the more deserving young performers we can help! 


Long term, we plan to offer courses in all aspects of theatre, developing on and off stage skills for performers, stage managers, directors, technicians and producers, helping a new generation with the highest quality, practical training and real-life experience.


Donate or sponsor us today!


How else can I help?

  • Follow Theatre Workout on social media and spread the word using Twitter and Facebook

  • Use the #TWSupportFund

  • Donate to our cause

  • Take part in one of our courses

Why is the support fund needed?

According to government figure, the creative industries is one of the largest, and fastest growing industries in the UK, contributing over £84.1bn to the UK economy in 2014, and £92.6bn in 2016, outperforming life sciences, aoil and gas, aerospace, and automotive industries combined!


However, drama, dance, and music do not exist on the National Curriculum and successive governments have cut arts and arts education funding. 


The new English Baccalaureate being promoted by the government leaves very little room for creative arts subjects, which means even more schools will be forced to end the provision of arts and drama subjects.


Whether students want to enter the creative industries or not, drama training builds confidence and self-esteem, inspires creativity and imagination, and develops strong life skills in areas such as communication skills, teamwork and leadership. It nurtures a strong work ethic as students take ownership of their creative output, makes them excited to go to school, and creates a sense of community and identity for students.


As highlighted by the Warwick Report, published in early 2015, arts and arts education funding has been repeatedly cut for decades. Despite the creative industries growing at double the rate of the rest of the UK economy, fewer and fewer students are offered the opportunity to grow through the arts in mainstream education, and access routs into the industry are a challenge. We hope to address this issue in our own small way.

Theatre Workout

Support Fund

Training Disadvantaged Students


Good quality training opportunities are few and far between for working class and disadvantaged young people. Industry leaders have called on mass for more to be done, but sadly no solutions have been offered. 


So, as part of Theatre Workout's ten year anniversary, we are making a difference with the Theatre Workout Support Fund!


The Theatre Workout Support Fund will subsidise drama training for schools and students from disadvantaged backgrounds, providing free or reduced cost workshops and course places to talented performers based on their need and ability, not ability to pay!

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