July 28, 2017

With just a few days to go until the start of our summer school, we're delighted to introduce our amazing teachers: 

Adam Milford: School Principal

Adam started working in theatre in 1994 and his career includes acting, directing, producing, and coaching credits. His credits include Pride & Prejudice (Radio), Timon of Athens (Space Theatre), Romeo & Juliet (UK Tour), After The Dance (National Theatre), Much Ado About Nothing (English Theatre in Venice), Pride & Prejudice (Space Theatre), Much Ado About Nothing (UK Tour) Supreme Beings (Feature Film), Dominic (Partizan Films), Return To Never Never Land (UK Tour).

Since creating Theatre Workout in 2006, Adam has collaborated with over 35 West End productions, including Disney’s The Lion King, Wicked, 1984, This House, and Dream Girls. He has led all aspects of Theatre Workout’s development and has personally taught thousands of students in all aspects of theatre and performance.

Adam’s directing and producing credits include th...

June 5, 2017

If you are due to visit London or the UK in the coming weeks, the following information from the London Regional Counter Terrorism Protective Security Incident Update may be of use to you:

• Museums, theatres, restaurants, hotels, attractions and shops across London and Britain are open as usual and airports, ports and public transport are operating normal services. Theatre Workout ran three successful workshops on Sunday 4th June and all planned workshops are going ahead.
• The UK police and security and intelligence services are doing everything possible to keep the public safe. The public is asked to remain calm and alert.
• Seven people have been killed and 48 patients were taken to five hospitals, 21 are in a critical condition
• Three attackers were shot dead by eight armed police officers. Police say they know the identity of the three men.
• Investigations into the attack are still underway.
• 12 people have been arrested to date.
• The threat level to the United Kingdom from in...

In a time of austerity, subjects like drama and art are the first to get cut. Why? 

We have an education system obsessed with standardised testing and quantifiable results to assess the standard of education. However, drama, dance, art, poetry and other creative subjects are subjective. 

What makes a good performance, poem or painting? 

Maths has clear answers. History and geography have facts, dates and other quantifiable qualities. Dance does not. 

So why is it so important for young people to do creative subjects? 

What drama can do which maths and history cannot, is teach self expression, empathy, listening and communication skills, teamwork and leadership. It builds their confidence and inspires their creativity, which are all essential 'soft' skills employers desperately need!

Our schools tell children not to run in the hallway, to be quiet, sit still, and don't talk back. Is it any wonder students stop playing, become quiet and introvert?

Drama undoes these lessons, asking student...

There is a reason why the theatre world is called show business - it is a business. To succeed, actors need to be good at both the show and the business in order to find, secure and make the most of any opportunity.

As an actor you are a one person business. You are your own marketing, PR, finance, and admin departments, alongside being your own product and service provider.

You are a physical product which is judged on the very things which are, in most other walks of life, illegal to discriminate against - age, gender, skin colour, eye colour, height, weight, etc. How you present that product may or may not get you castings and opportunities to perform.

The service you provide is the talent you have, the ability to create diverse, engaging and believable characters, to turn up on time, learn lines, be a good team-player, etc.

Sadly, it is true that many make a great living by being in the right place at the right time, and having a desirable 'look'. The ability to act is a bonus. We all...

There's a reason why people to tell you to breathe whenever you feel stressed and anxious. 

It works!

Correct breathing techniques are a key component of being a strong actor. They're also essential in martial arts, meditation, dance, singing...the list goes on. 

Breathing gives you energy, raw energy in your lungs to speak and be heard. It also calms your nerves, focuses your mind and fuels your body to perform. 

The best part of training yourself to breathe properly - you can do it anywhere and at anytime! 

Whether you stand, sit or lie down, focus on breathing in through your nose and out through the mouth (breathing in through the nose warms the breath to ease your lungs while filtering out air particles). 

Breathe slowly into your diaphragm, allow your lungs, chest, back and stomach to expand and contract. The whole chest cavity is designed to move, so let it. 

As you get used to breathing properly, start to learn how to control you breath by engaging your voice on the out-breath. S...

March 10, 2017

Did you know that Academies and other non-state schools can be rated 'Outstanding' without offering ANY creative subjects!

For an industry which already employs 1 in 11 people in the UK, and which is our fastest growing sector, do your kids have the skills they will need?

British creative industries, which includes everything to do with what you watch, read, most of what entertains you, and a lot of the work you do, is shaping up to be the innovative world of future prosperity for many, yet is still undermined in mainstream education. 

If your kids don't get to be creative, how do you expect them to compete? 

Enrol them in our summer school today! We'll boost their confidence to be creative!


March 1, 2017

Theatre Workout is the market leader for West End Workshops and Summer School courses!

No other programme has worked with so many amazing productions. 

  • 35 West End show partners since 2006!

  • Over 90,000 participants to date

  • 8,000 + students a year joining our workshops from all over the world

Join one of our courses today

December 5, 2016

Theatre Workout Academy has won the 'Best Leisure Product' award at the British Youth Travel Awards 2016, beating Lego Land and York's Chocolate Experience for the top prize! 

We are over the moon to have won amongst such amazing competition. We thank the British Educational Travel Association (BETA) and the Youth Travel Award judges for this great honour. 

We also share this amazing award with all our outstanding practitioners who make Theatre Workout such a brilliant company. 

Thank you!

Right, where's the champagne? 

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No other drama school has worked with so many West End shows!

March 1, 2017

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